Flip-Flop Portrait

What is flip flop portrait?

Flip Flop portrait –  is a super gift. Just imagine, you are making a gift – it’s a portrait that a person can draw himself! And then the fun begins, everyone can draw. Draw with loved ones and friends! The process of drawing becomes very exciting, because you can draw anything using whatever paints you like. Someone will draw hearts, someone flowers or an abstract figure. In general, all that is enough for fantasy. Believe it is a lot of fun. During coloring, people joke, laugh and just rejoice.

When the surface of the painting is completely painted over and the paint has dried, it is necessary to stick a transparent film on the surface of the painting. After that, the film is removed and … Voila! A portrait of a birthday person appears in the picture. This is real magic! Everything that happens seems like a miracle and produces a stunning effect.

In our set, all the necessary materials are inside: a large selection of bright colors, paint brushes, film and of course the portrait itself.

What's inside our set?

1. Paints

Flip-Flop Portrait 1

2. Brushes

Flip-Flop Portrait 2


Flip-Flop Portrait 3

4. Canvas

Flip-Flop Portrait 4

5. Film

Flip-Flop Portrait 5

6. Wipes

Flip-Flop Portrait 6


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Flip-Flop Portrait 7
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