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How do we work?

Do you have a website or you are planning it now? Any website needs good texts for main page? info page and all other pages. Every website should be unique. It’s not allowed to copy texts from other websites, you can be banned by Google. You should have your own unique texts. Not always it is possible to write it by yourself. We provide this service to save your time and money. We can write any kind of text for your website. We write in languages:

  • Finnish (suomalainen)
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Hindi

Everything you need to do is to fill in the form of your order and to write exact task. The more information you give the better.

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      It is desirable to indicate for every topic:

      - the source of your knowledge on the topic (info);
      - examples of works performed on similar topics (screenshots or links)
      - keywords if you need them

      Remember: the more info you give, the better texts will be

      What is copywriting?

      That is, writing any text. There is an opinion that copywriting is the writing of advertising, commercial, selling texts that are aimed on increasing the sale of any goods and services. And copywriters are specialists who try to sell advertising texts. You can find a more detailed definition on Wikipedia

      Why are advertising texts created?

      Unique articles and texts on the site (copywriting) have several purposes:

      1. Answer the user to his request in the search engine. Give an explanation.
      2. Make the user execute certain commands: follow the link, buy goods in the online store, download the required material.
      3. For the purpose of SEO content optimization. In order to occupy higher positions in Google search results, it is necessary to have relevant texts on the site, give the user an explanation and answer to his question, which he asked in the search bar. Google carefully checks the quality and volume of the text on your site and in the search results the highest positions will be taken by those sites that have high-quality content. Therefore, the texts on the website are a very important component of the success of promoting your site in search engines.


      What is rewriting?

      It is translated as retelling. In order to rewrite, you must have a link to the original text and rewrite it literally, in other words. What words – it already depends on the professionalism of the copywriter who performs this work. In the process of such work, the final result is obtained – a new article. There are methods for creating a rewrite, here are the main ones: special programs, the use of synonyms, explanatory dictionaries.

      Rewrite of the text can be different in terms of the execution method: superficial, deep and qualitatively deep.

      • Superficial – when an article is almost completely rewritten, synonyms are used and words are swapped. The uniqueness of the new article is approaching one hundred percent. Such rewriting is used to fill sites and blogs with articles.
      • Deep rewriting – the new text only conveys the meaning of the old text, it is written in a different language and the structure of the text is changed. There are no personal clarifications of the rewriter here.
      • Qualitatively deep – a new text is created, no different from the author’s. This work may be better than the original itself.


      How should the text be formatted (copywriting)?

      In today’s era called “no time”, it is intuitively faster and more understandable for a person to read the text and look for answers to their questions when accents are highlighted in it. In copywriting, accents are:

      copywriting compare

      – numbered list

      – table

      – bulleted list

      – unlabeled list

      – paragraphs

      Judge for yourself – if all this text were written in a continuous canvas, you would not have read this far). The search engine thinks in the same way when positioning a site in the Top.


      How can you make money from copywriting?

      1. If you have well-written texts on your site, then you will sell your goods and services in a much larger volume, since your site will be interesting for users. Maintain a news category, write blogs, “allow” discussions – all of this, believe me, will give a positive result for the sale of your goods and services.
      2. If you have a good imagination and ability to retell – welcome! This work is for you! On freelance exchanges, it is believed that copywriting is an article that the author wrote based on his knowledge, or took information from other sources. Many people are attracted to this work. After all, all of it is done without leaving the apartment. There is no need to go to work at the appointed time. But such a situation is possible when there is still some income, at least for the first time. And since newcomers have little income, they often overestimate their capabilities and simply unnecessarily raise prices for work. Sometimes they undertake to perform very cheap tasks. In both cases, the payment is negligible. Expensive articles are seldom sold, while cheap articles need to be written much more.

      Online earnings are always under the watchful eye of scammers. It so happens that the customer asks to send the finished article not through the exchange, but by e-mail. For these actions, he promises to increase the payment of the task. Such operations need to be performed only with trusted clients, since you can be left without payment at all for the work done. In order to get tangible income from copywriting, constant activity is required. When working through the exchange, you need to get ahead of your partners and receive a lot of orders. Also, have time to cope with them.

      For beginners to make money on the Internet, rewriting is the easiest way to make money from writing texts. When a novice performer rewrites the content of an existing work in his own way, he retells it in his own words.