Augmented Reality projects

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What is AR VR Reality?

Augmented reality (AR VR reality) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory. This is what gives us Wikipedia (

Also, you can find various variants of Augmented reality projects. From Architecture to Science, from medicine to e-commerce. We can use it almost in every sphere. In Archeology you can use it to aid archeological research, in Architecture we can use it to aid in visualizing building projects, in Commerce and advertising AR is used to integrate print and video materials.

Let’s focus more specifically on the Commerce sphere. We would like to invite you to join modern AR technologies and use them for your advertising. To surprise your customer, you just need to contact us. Do you send printed materials (advertising) by post? Let’s fill your catalogs with life! To do this, we will encrypt the necessary code in the necessary pictures and when scanning these pictures with a free application, people will open the video that you want to show them – presentation, explanation, demonstration, room tour, whatever. By the way, we can help you with video too . This is new, it is impressive and, believe me, your approach will be remembered by a person.

augmented reality, ar vr reality, live portraitWe present you the free Live Portrait app. It is available for IOS and Android devices.

The cost of preparing and encoding one image and one video is 350 euros.

What are the best spheres for AR/VR reality?

The spheres of use can be different. It’s up to your mind and to your imagination. We think that it will work best with:

  • E-commerce
  • Architecture
  • Souvenirs
  • Presentations
  • Printed materials like business cards, flyers, booklets
  • Books (for kids and for adults both)

What else can AR do today? Become the best friend while traveling in many countries. Serve as a consultant in creating the perfect room style. Find your parked car quickly in the huge supermarket parking lot. Useful free Augmented Reality software will help with all this:

AR VR Reality Text translation

Google Translator is not strictly an AR app, but it does have one AR feature useful for translating content. This characteristic is part of the iPhone’s camera mode. You just need to take a picture of the foreign text, and the application will translate it from the picture at any time. When connected to Wi-Fi, the program supports a huge number of languages, thirteen of which were added in the latest update. Users can also download a range of language packs if they want to continue to instantly translate any document, offline or offline.

AR VR Reality Virtual designer

“Amikasa” will help you choose the right style of the room and create the desired layout before purchasing furniture. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can easily virtual furnish a bedroom, kitchen, office or any other space by placing 3D models of various objects to see how they will look or determine their ideal placement. It is possible to customize the color, for example – a cherry-colored chair for a room is better suited than a peach one. The application uses branded items available in the Amikasa library. The latest update has added various kitchens, cabinets, lighting fixtures and wallpapers, giving you more options to create the perfect setting.


AR VR Reality Finding a parking lot

Augmented reality Car Finder is an application specially designed for finding a car. As soon as you need to determine the place where the car is left, the utility creates a visible marker showing the vehicle, the distance to it and the direction of movement to the object. The utility is useful for places like stadiums, convention centers, outdoor concert venues, and others with massive parking lots. Users can also apply the app to find their seats in huge theaters and concert halls. Free versions of the software are available for a wide range of users, but the premium version removes ads and includes additional tools: marking favorite parking lots or changing the color of the arrow. Augmented reality Car Finder is only available for iPhone, and Android users can always purchase the program for $ 2.75.

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