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Video will catch your customers in 60 seconds

Animation video will be more convincing than any type of your advertising and even than You are.

Our Animation Video Portfolio

Why us?

We write best selling animation video scenario.
We use secret psychological technics

We do really take care of dead line.
We work according to planed schedule

We do videos according to your budget.
We are "Flexible". You can order 10sec video

100% of creativity and uniqueness.
Most modern techniques and methods.

How we work:

Fill in our brief and send it to You can download brief here.

We choose an ideal voice for your project. Professional announcers, informants of different languages will dub your video and make important stresses.

We create author’s unique illustrations of any difficulty and stylistics. All illustrations we agree with you

We will prepare for you up to 3 concept options. The most successful idea will get its development in the form of the ready scenario and story board.

We discuss with you all details about your business and target audience and suggest the decision which will bring you a maximum result. You make 50% payment

We edit and animate. These are the best moments, when we bring the pictures to life.
Set effects to get a thrilling plot development.

Sound design. It will emphasize important moments and the video will look even more trendy and luxurious.

When you have approved a final edition, paid other 50%, we transfer to you a completed professional video, an efficient instrument which works for you 24 h/day, 7 d/week!

Animation Video Price

from 1300 euro/min

  • Term of work - 20 days after scenario agreed
  • Unique illustrations
  • Announcer’s Dubbing
  • Sound-design
  • 2D Animation

from 1700euro/min

  • Term of work - 30 days after scenario agreed
  • Unique illustrations
  • Announcer's Dubbing
  • Sound-Design
  • 3D Animation Video

Animation Video

animation video priceBriefly and clearly – custom animation video from the best professionals in their field Typography store (IFIBU Oy)!

“Better to see once than hear a hundred times!”

Advertising video is the most progressive sales tool! More informatioon about what is animation video, how it is prepared you can read here

Show your clients what you can do!

What can be better way to present your offer from all angles with an animation video? After all, no one wants to get a pig in a poke. The video in the original project will certainly draw attention to the product or service. Promote your business wisely – a video from Typography store (Ifibu Oy) will be the best solution. An extravagant script, developed by our talented specialists, will surely interest the consumer and be captured in the imagination, and this is the first step to success. All successful corporations-giants spare no expense on advertising, and this is not an accident!

IFIBU Oy always works in close cooperation with the customer, taking into account the wishes and ideas of the customer. Depending on the subject of the animation video, you can use male, female and even children’s voices. Only at first glance one gets the impression that this is an unimportant work issue that is not decisive. In fact, people are very sensitive not only to visual, but also to auditory perception, as a result of which it is important to carefully consider this moment. The length of the video should also be optimal in order to reflect the whole point, but not to tire. It is also very important to consider where the video will be used – this also affects the duration of the video and the voice acting. For example, if you want to hang a screen at an exhibition or at the entrance to your office or restaurant-cafe, then voice acting is not needed at all, since it will not be heard. If you need a video for a 15 second intro on You Tube (Instream video), then all the basic information should sound in those 15 seconds – the name of the company, the main products and the website address. Advertising on TV requires a completely different presentation in the video and there are certain requirements for technical implementation. Everything is individual. Basically, 30-60-90 seconds recording is just what you need!

Animation video price depends on a lot af factors – quality, 2d animation video or 3d animation video or whiteboard video. With sound or without. These all influences the result animation video price. You can find start prices “from” on our page.

We know everything about advertising animated videos and are ready to share our potential.

Replace boring managers with a fantastic animated video, please yourself and your client with bright colors!

Advertising is a direct path to recognition!

Superior quality videos from Typography Store (Ifibu Oy) get your business in demand!