Typography.Store is a place where you can print almost any marketing product for your business. From business card to AR/VR Reality projects. The idea of this full cicle company is to give you maximum marketing opportunities in one place

I think it’s important not to waste time on searching different companies for different tasks. You can do it here in one place, in one company

You can ask any questions about implementing of different ideas, if there is no answer we will find it’s solution or discover a new one. We are open minded team.

All you need for your work 1

We have companies in Ukraine, Poland and now we are starting in Finland. This happiest country in the world). We don’t speak good finnish yet, but we are practicing and studying.

We speak good in:

  • russian
  • ukrainian
  • english

but we realize projects in all languages.

Our company in Finland is called IFIBU Oy, that includes different directions. They are:




This web site is about our Internet direction. Use it and Enjoy