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Ifibu Oy

We are a young company in Finland, but we are old company from Ukraine. We have been working hard since 2010. We have several directions of working. They are:

Typogrsphy.store is one of internet subdirections. We tried to include here all our internet and relatated to it programs. Enjoy it)

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Free Shipping to Finland, Norway, Sweden

All our shipping is free if you order our products

Money Back Guarantee

If you recieved not what you ordered - we are sorry a lot, you will recieve either what you ordered or money back.

Support 24/5

We are trying to work for you any time of the day

Learn about our services

We take your order and implement it.

Printing Services

We print on almost any type of material, produce lightboxes and a lot of different corporative souvenirs for your branding

Design Services

Our designers become good friends with Photoshop 3D Max and other architectural progrums and will work for you to implement all kinds of your branding and corporate wishes.

Hand-Made Services

We have artists and painters too. Also we have special embroider machines to embroider beautiful towels and bathrobes for presents or for corporate usage.

Digital Services

Our web programmers will write a web site or chat bots for you, make online advertising, make videos